From Henrietta Creek Camp Ground to Nandroya Falls

Note : During the wet and after rain, the basalt lichen becomes slippery - care must be taken with footing.
The morning sun hits the Long Track as it follows Douglas Creek.

Entrance - over Henrietta footbridge

Nandroya Falls circuit - (Short Track 2.5 km: 1-1.5 hours).
From the camping area the track : climbs the ridge that separates Henrietta and Douglas creeks. It then winds slowly down towards Nandroya Falls (50m) via Silver Creek Falls (10m).

Right - Long Track - down to Douglas Creek and climb to Nandroya Falls
Left - Short Track - via Sliver Falls to Nandroya Falls



Well defined walking track

Buttress Roots

12 mtr Silver Falls with swimming hole


6 mtr Lower Nandroya Falls with main 40mtr drop in background

Nandroya Falls with swimming hole


Return by retracing along the Short Track or via the circuit Long Track, 3.5 km (2-3 hours).
From Nandroya Falls take the left branch past the sign.

This circuit track initially follows Douglas Creek left bank passing some excellent swimming holes. It then skins a steep hillside before rejoining the main track 1 km from the camping area.

Douglas Creek cuts into the basalt

Douglas Creek swimming hole

Side feeder into Douglas Creek

Strangler fig kills host

Floor Fungi

Nandroya Falls

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