From K tree to Tchupala Falls and back to the Palmerston Highway

K tree to Tchupala Falls  ( 1.2 km: 1 hour)
From the K Tree entrance on the Palmerston Highway to Tchupala Falls is only about 600 metres. The Track East to Crawfords Lookout along Henrietta Creek is still closed.

Tchupala Falls

Henrietta drop near Tchupala Falls and forest floor

From K tree to Wallacher Falls then to Goolagan Picnic Area

K tree to Goolagan's picnic area - (3 km: 1-2 hours).
This track leads fist to Wallacher Falls which, though relatively small, are spectacular. Access to the bottom of the falls can be gained alter crossing Henrietta Creek The track then climbs a little before following the contours above Henrietta Creek through some very tall and dense-canopied rainforest. The 1.7 km return to K-Tree via the highway takes approximately 45 minutes.

K Tree entrance on Palmerston Highway

Wachalla Falls - Good Signage - Henrietta Crossing - Tree Hugger

Coolagan's picnic area to Henrietta Creek camping area. - (800m: 30 min).
This short track follows Henrietta Creek. linking the picnic and camping areas. Camp in the rainforest at Henrietta Creek. Tent and caravan sites, toilets, a shelter shed and picnic tables are provided. This is an excellent track from which to view wildlife. such as the musky rat-kangaroo. and platypus and tortoises in the creek. The return via the highway. takes approximately 15 minutes.

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