Photo Index for Centennial
Thanks to contributing photographers: Trish Goodger - John McGregor
other contributors : Virginia Berry, Lyndal White
Slide Show 1 Calf Day, Cemetery Walk, Book Launch
Slide Show 2 Wood Chop, Ute Show, Chain Saw Exhibition
Slide Show 3 Chook Run, Progressive Dinner, Half Marathon
Slide Show 4 Antiques Roadshow with Nick, Australian Buffalo Dairy Farm
Slide Show 5 Official Opening, Meet and Greet, Cricket Match, Gold (plus 4s) Trail Ride.
Slide Show 6 Centennial Dance Photos
Slide Show 7 Markets and Breakfast, Millaa Millaa Choir and MaMu Cultural - Millaa Millaa Falls
Slide Show 8 Individual Contributions to date - THANK YOU
Slide Show 9 Glenda McAuliffe's (Attewell) Contribution - All named !!
Slide Show 10 Many Millaa Millaa Identities - 2011



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